Community… What Does It Mean To You?

Here’s a question for you:


When you hear the word community, what springs to mind?


For me, it only has positive connotations.

I was reminded of that this week when I saw a video pop up on Facebook that encapsulated every emotion I associate with football.


Football’s Not Every Business…


If you’ve never heard me mention it, I’m a QPR fan. It’s been a pretty torrid year for us and the club’s been in better shape…


But one thing they’ve always got right is their identity as a community club.


It was a marketing email aimed at driving season ticket sales for next year and in all fairness, they’re probably having to work doubly hard to get those sales in.


And yet, as I watched, I remembered every good thing I associate with the footy.


The pub I go for a drink in before the match was in the video, some of the streets I walk down, the station I get on and off at, and even the place where I sit.


Behaviours, routines, and habits are incredibly important things to us as human beings.


Now, there’s more emotion attached to football than most businesses, but that doesn’t mean that your customers and clients don’t have behaviours and routines that you can lean on.


Community In Your Business


I’m not likely to choose a competitor to support or purchase a season ticket from if I’m not happy with QPR – that’s just not how it works.


Whereas in any business, there’s always the possibility that you choose an alternative if you’re not happy with the service or product you’re being provided.


But with any business, there’s a community aspect you can look to tap into.


I’ll be renewing my season ticket, so that piece of marketing has done its job.


So, back to my original question – what does community mean to you?


It’s something we’ve focused on a lot with the Business Clubhouse, and we’ve realised that there are three key things it can do for your business:


  • Provide clarity
  • Create purpose
  • Develop a sense of belonging


If you can do those three things for your customers… you’re onto a winner.


I’ve talked a lot about long-term planning and the importance of goal setting in recent weeks – and there’s good reason for that.


Community falls under the same category, too.


Because a community isn’t something that’s developed overnight, it’s something that has to be worked on and fostered to create an authentic feel that people want to be a part of.


Crucially, if you’re looking to gain clarity, be a part of a community, and create purpose, you ned to think about where you’re going and WHY.


If any of that resonates, it might be worth us having a chat…

PS. Watch the QPR video here and let me know what you think – marketing genius or not?

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