What’s important?

I went to the funeral of a friend this week. I shan’t go into details other than to say it was probably the best I’ve ever been to.

Mostly, I suspect, because of the clear impact he had of the lives he touched and that was reflected in the messaging through the whole ceremony and stories afterwards.

Something that stood out for me was his desire to live his life through his values leading him to retire early and work part time outdoors, giving him greater fulfilment than his career ever did.

He also found the time to focus on what was important to him NOW, not in the future which he never got to have.

He was a great example of how you make people feel is more important than what you have.

My message this week is simple.

Don’t wait.

Make the most of the time you have today, spend it doing what you love with who you love.

The hundreds of unread emails, unwatched videos, unliked posts on your phone from complete strangers… they’re not important.

The validation you’re chasing from people you’ll never meet, who’ll forget who you are at the next scroll is irrelevant.

Compared to what you can see, smell, feel and hear right in front of you. Right now.

Take a moment to check whether what you’re doing fits your purpose and your values.

And if not?

Make a change.

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