Who let the dogs out?

The dogs escaped the garden earlier this week.


Straight through the gate.


Never ones to miss an opportunity to course the orchard, out they went, quick as a flash, vapour streaming behind them.


One thing on their minds.


Singular purpose.


Spot anything that moves and chase it down.


If they miss that, look for the next victim.


Within 15 minutes, back they trotted – HALF a rabbit between them.


Don’t ask where the other half is.


It didn’t matter how much calling, whistling, tempting with treats we did, nothing worked.

WE became the distraction.


Sighthounds are bred for one purpose.  It’s their whole reason for being.


And they’re really good at it.


Distractions are all around you, too. 


Treats in form of SM validation, emails giving us an excuse to do stuff ‘more important’ for other people and people knocking on the office door asking questions they know the answers to,


Because that’s how you trained them to behave.


When you have something in sight, and it’s aligned with purpose you can create a plan of attack to hunt it down.


And, if you fail.  That’s okay.  There’s plenty of rabbits out there.

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