Why do some people find success easier than others?


Why Do Some People Find Success Easier Than Others? 

Whether consciously or subconsciously, it’s human nature to compare ourselves to others. 

If you’re the same age as your friend but he’s got a fancy car, his mortgage is paid off, and he’s just jumped out of a plane, you might be wondering why you haven’t done the same. 

But if we’re being honest, there’s only one person you should compare yourself with. 


 As Michael Jackson famously sang, I’m looking at the man in the mirror. 


So, How Do You Define Success? 

If you can’t answer that, don’t worry – you’re not alone. 

But it sort of makes the idea of wondering why some people find success easier than others seem slightly odd when you think about it… 

After all, success to your mate Dave is different to your neighbour Sue, and that’s completely different from the parent at your kid’s school.  

But the success question is one I get asked a lot and as a result, I’ve thought about it a lot too. There’s no doubt that I’ve been in the position where I’ve asked that question and wondered whether success would ever come to me. 


The thing I’ve realised is that until you define what success looks like to you, you’re chasing a version of success that other people are imposing on you. 

It might not be direct or intentional, but we all look for answers to everything that happens in life and if other business owners are successful, you might wonder why that isn’t you. 

But it’s because they have a clear idea of what success looks like to them – it could be paying off their mortgage by the time they’re 50. Or maybe it’s being able to afford to go on three holidays every year, or it could be having enough money to live the life they want by spending as much time with their family as possible. 

Until you set that goal and define success for yourself, it’s always going to be the hazy mirage in the distance that never truly arrives. 


Trust me, that eternal longing for success will only serve to disappoint in the long run. 


You’re Not Successful, Unless… 

Because we get such small insights into the snippets of people’s lives that they want to present, whether that’s on Instagram or in brief encounters, we can fall into the trap of building these unrealistic expectations of what life should be. 

 It might not be a yacht in the Bahamas or an 8-bedroom mansion – but it’s all relative and driven by you. 

 So, it’s about reverse engineering that question and not asking why some people appear to find success easier to come by, but how they’ve come to set those goals in the first place… 


Which means my question to you is simply: 


What does success look like to you, and how do you plan to work towards it? 

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