How Wimbledon has shown us that environment dictates performance

Hi everybody.

It’s Ash here with my Quick Friday Message.

When you watch this it’s going to be towards the end of the first week of Wimbledon and we’ve already had a couple of upsets.

The big notable one obviously on day one was Stan Wawrinka losing in the first round and it got me really thinking how that happened. The player he was playing against, I can’t remember his name, has stepped up his game because of the environment that he’s in and the atmosphere that he’s in and who he’s playing against.

It got me really, really thinking about something that I work with my clients on, in terms of environment dictates performance.

We see it in schools with kids being streamed. We see it with football teams stepping up, you know FA Cup matches and minos beating giants etc, etc.

It got me thinking about us as business owners, who are we playing against?

Who are we setting ourselves up against?

Who are we hanging around with to accelerate and redefine what we think is a good performance.

That’s my little thought for this week.

Environment dictates performance.

Be really, really cautious about who you spend time with and make sure you use that to accelerate your own performance.

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