You and Brian…

The 151st Open Championship at Hoylake, Liverpool was won by an unassuming chap called Brian Harman.

Not a Rory, Rahm, Justin, or Cameron in sight. 

In fact, Brian was so far out of sight he won by a whopping 7 shots, only the 3rd American in four decades to do this.  

It’s the equivalent of a 6-1, 6-1, 6-1 drubbing in a tennis final or an F1 winner lapping their nearest rival.

So what?

Well, whilst the margin was spectacular, unless you’re a purist, the golf was not.  Harman doesn’t even feature in the top 50 list of players with the longest drives on tour.  He doesn’t have spectacular, flashy flop shots, nor does he sink 60-foot putts.

So, what does he have?  

Well, he’s a bit boring to be honest.  He used data to break the course down into something he could manage.  Rather than trying to beat it into submission with swashbuckling drives and flamboyancy he did two things well.

Hoylake is littered with nasty bunkers which are incredibly hard to get out of.  Harman only hit three bunkers over his 72 holes of play.  He stayed out of trouble. Interestingly the longer hitters found more bunkers.

He made 45 out of 45 putts from 5 feet and 15 out of 15 from 10 – 5 feet.  This is remarkable at this level.

Harman had a strategy and stuck to it. 

It didn’t matter that other players were more exciting or hit the ball further.  He methodically plotted his way round the course, stayed out of trouble and most importantly did the simple things brilliantly.

It’s easy to focus on flamboyancy when the boring, simple things are what moves you forward one step at a time. 

In a world of distractions, shiny opportunities and other people influencing the way you play, it’s important to stick to what you’re good at based on your strategy for success.

If you’d like to work out that strategy and have a caddie alongside you reminding you of what you need to do at each step, I can help you. 

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