You and the Spice Girls!

Spice Girls on stage singing Stop

Is it just me or is the line between work and play becoming more blurred the deeper we go into lockdown?

There seems to be a general sense of all work and no play making everyone a dull boy or girl. There’s an irony in finding motivation to stop working as opposed to the lethargy that usually accompanies starting.

It’s dangerous though, just working.  There’s no opportunity to allow thinking time or enable ideas to percolate through. Going back-to-back all day gives you no space to breathe, to have the little moments to yourself in between meetings, in the car, on the train or walking from office to office.

These moments are precious and becoming rare, if not disappearing altogether.  It’s leading to a lack of productivity, even though we’re at our desks for longer.  It’s the equivalent of training everyday without having rest days.

Taking breaks, having “me” time is essential, and having you and me time, even more so.  I know I’ve been guilty of working for longer just to reduce the time between the end of the day and going to sleep, and that’s no good at all.

As the famous five would have said “stop right now”.

Go on – have a break, maybe even listen to a bit of sporty spice whilst jumping around your kitchen – you’ll thank me for it…

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