You can lead a horse to water…

Three times in the last several weeks I’ve delivered an almost identical talk to business owners at networking events local to me.


They’re all ambitious, keen to learn and open to new ideas – like you.


The simple presentation covered three ways to leverage more profit in their business that they could implement the same day.


  • 16 ways to increase prices.
  • The 5% rule.
  • Working out the value of their time.


Now at rough guess, I reckon over 60 business owners have listened to that 20-minute talk.


The overriding feedback was how useful it was, how simple the tips were and how it could have an impact on their business and personal profitability.


I saw one of the groups again a couple of weeks later and asked during my 60 second pitch, how many of them had benefitted from the changes they’d made.


You’d expect a flurry of positive responses. What I got was a lot of mumbling, excuses, and the tired old refrain of how busy they’ve been.


Except for one and she’s a client so doesn’t really count!


(She had increased her average sale by 50% simply by implementing ONE thing on the pricing page of her website).


Every action has a reaction – but you MUST act.


Wait until she implements a little more – and she will.


I’m still waiting for the others to make a change.


You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink as the old saying goes.


Even when they’re thirsty and know EXACTLY what to do.


If you’d like to add some profit to your business drop me a line, I’ll take you through the presentation in about 27 minutes. Just you and me.


Whether you do anything with it is up to you….

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