You’ll never walk alone…

1553506_10152413060530791_2443723797651519388_oYou know those really irritating couples who always finish each other’s sentences (and wear matching purple shellsuits)?

Irritating though it is, it does show a real understanding of each other’s thought patterns and an in depth knowledge of each other’s goals, dreams and aspirations.

There has to be synergy there, like an invisible current between the two of them (probably due to the nylon in the shellsuits) that enables this to happen.

I’ve been experiencing some of this myself recently in a more professional context.

On Wednesday I was speaking to my mentor and there was this moment where he started to say something and I finished his sentence for him.  It was quite a specific conversation with some detail and his alignment with my thoughts was quite scary.

Later that evening I had a phone conversation with a client and the same thing happened. I was listening to her tell me about a challenge and I just knew what the solution was and that she was going to come to the same conclusion any moment now.

“How do you get inside my head like that?”

At our Mastermind on Friday there were a number of moments where we each almost took it in turns to add layers of content to a solution, one after another.

Afterwards, one of the Masterminders said “being part of the group was the best business decision he had ever made”.

Because we get him.

Because we challenge him.

Because we understand his goals, dreams and aspirations.

There certainly was plenty of synergy in these conversations. It was like we didn’t have to wait to hear them finish before knowing what they were going to say and be able to input more.

It’s like we were in each other’s heads, and all without any hideous 80’s apparel in sight.

What was common is that these were all conversations between people who understand each other’s goals and are prepared to spend regular quality time together.

It doesn’t matter that some of those conversations can be difficult. Hearing what needs to be said is often painful and probably something the recipient feels they could quite happily live without having.   They are however, a vital part of any business owner’s growth.

I can’t begin to explain how important this understanding is. How important spending time with people who just “get you” is to your growth and confidence.

We often do it in other situations, it’s one of the reasons I like going to football matches so much. I’m part of a tribe. I’m with people who know why I’m there without having to be asked. I can be in a crowd of strangers with a common goal, dream and aspiration. We feel each other’s pain and share the (occasional) moments of delirium.

You know I’m a big QPR fan and tomorrow’s game against Everton is massive for us. My football tribe needs me; it needs my voice and my support.

However, I’m choosing to miss it so I can spend time with my other tribe in Birmingham at the EC National Event. It was a really tough call but the right one for me.

You see, getting together with the right tribe in business is crucial. It doesn’t matter how big or small the tribe, just spend time with the right people in the right environment and sparks start to fly.

I might wear a tracksuit…

Do they have a JJB up north?

Calm down…